Dry Coconut Shredding Machines

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Dry Coconut Shredding Machines

Salient Features : We Present Especially Designed Coconut Shredding Machine Which Is High On Demand In The International Market. A Coconut Shredding Machine Grating Apparatus For Allowing A User To Shred And Grate A Coconut. The Coconut Shredding Machine Grating Apparatus Includes A Base Member Including Main Base Portion Having Top And Bottom Sides; And Also Includes A Housing Being Mounted Upon The Top Side Of The Base Member And Having Front, Rear And Side Walls, And Also Having A Hole Being Disposed Through The Front Wall; And Further Includes A Coconut Shredding Machine Assembly Including A Motor Being Disposed In The Housing And Having A Motor Shaft, And Also Including A Control Assembly For Energizing And Operating The Motor, And Further Including A Coconut Shredding Machine Member Being Detachably Connected To The Motor Shaft For Rotation Therewith; And Also Includes A Coconut Support Assembly Including A Coconut Support Member Being Removably Secured Upon The Base Member; And Further Includes A Tray Being Removably Disposed Upon The Base Member For Receiving Shredded And Grated Coconut.

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Amla Shredding Machines

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